New!!! Releasing June 23 2021 — THE DUCHESS OF ROCHESTER

New!!! Releasing June 23 2021 — THE DUCHESS OF ROCHESTER

For Zeni Everly, “Bridgerton” wasn’t just a book or a series on Netflix. Her Ph.D. thesis revolves around the Victorian aristocracy’s biggest secret: titled women of color.  According to Zeni, these women inspired characters in the most beloved novels of all time.  Her problem? She can’t prove it. 

Then Zeni is gifted with an unexpected scholarship and she’s off to jolly old England to dig deep into the obscure secrets of the past. Her first stop: the mysterious and sexy young Duke of Rochester and his decaying country estate, Thornfield Hall. As Zeni learns more about the Duke–and the ugly secret that binds him– her thesis takes on an unexpected new meaning and Zeni finds herself competing for a new title: love of his life.


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3 thoughts on “New!!! Releasing June 23 2021 — THE DUCHESS OF ROCHESTER

  1. I just finished the book and loved it. I love a nerdy girl heroine. Winning not because of her looks or dependence on a man to save her. You inspired me to “ read “ ( via audible?) Jane Eyre again.

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