A part of my continuing film education is to catch as many different kinds of movies as I can. Netflix makes this even easier these days (one of my favorite evening past times is to “Netflix and chill”.  But I still venture out to the theater at least three times a month, especially for those big summer movies that aren’t the same months later on TV.  And in these “dog days” where serious thought feels as sluggish and muggy as the soggy humid air here in the Washington, DC area, I thought I’d do something different in the blog this week.

So here’s a little writing exercise– a game I invite you to join me in. In only FIVE words review the #summermovies you’ve seen. Puns and bon mots aren’t my strong suit (I’m a long form kinda gal!), but I’ll get it started and look forward to your improvements.  So, in order of what I’ve seen from May2018 through August 10, 2018.

Here goes:

Book Club – Older women revive DOA script

Hereditary – Heads Up for Weird Ending!

Isle of Dogs – Never Trust Catpeople, Kids/Dogs Say (Cheated a bit on that one!)

Jurassic World – Same Old Sequel Coming 2020

The Incredibles 2 – Super-sheroes Prove Men Are Clueless

Ocean’s Eight – Diamonds, Nice. Payback? Priceless

Mission Impossible: Fallout – Cruise Stunts Save World…Again

Ant Man and the Wasp – Bad Suit: Small, Big, Super-small

The Island – Meteor Turns Loser into Hero w/Subtitles

That’s my list so far… but I’m hoping to catch The Meg and BlackKKlansman in the next couple of weeks.

What have you seen? Share your 5 word movie reviews in the comment section or on Twitter with hashtag #FiveWordMovie Reviews.


2 thoughts on “#5WordMovieReviews!

  1. Hi Ms. Folan. I’m a huge fan of two of your books: Bluford High: Breaking Point and Pretty Ugly. I’ve enjoyed reading those books for the past three years and I wish we could email each other about what made you decide to write those two Bluford novels . I’m really curious about that

    1. Hi Sekou!

      Thank you for your question! I wanted to write a book about cyber bullying and that was the inspiration for Pretty Ugly. As for Breaking Point, the publisher of the Bluford books asked for a book in which a character’s family gets evicted. I like to write about girls, so we picked Vicky as the lead character for that story.

      Are you thinking of being a writer?

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