About The Author

About The Author

Karyn Langhorne Folan was an Army brat who travelled through her childhood, living in Washington, DC, in New York, in Kansas, in Georgia and in Chicago. Books were her best friends since you could pack them up and take them with you… a whole lot easier than you can pack up people.

She went to Mercer University in Macon, Georgia for her undergraduate degrees in History and English. Facing graduation in 1986, she wasn’t sure of her next steps. She was interested in Journalism… but her school advisors suggested law. In the end, Karyn spun the great wheel of Fate and applied to only two graduate programs: the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University and Harvard Law School.  She told herself that if she didn’t get into either school, she’d get a job and decide later about further education.

She got into Harvard… but not Medill. The die was cast.

The only problem was that Karyn didn’t have much interest in being a lawyer. Her life’s dream was to write a book that could mean as much to someone else as the books of her childhood had meant to her.

She graduated from Harvard Law School in 1989, took the Georgia bar and passed it. She worked for a law firm in Atlanta for a few years, then for an insurance lobby, then for a couple of law schools, then for a legal publisher.  None of those job was particularly satisfying or long-lasting. Finally, she found herself working at a job she hated in Manhattan on September 11, 2001. The events of that day crystalized a decision in her mind. She quit her job and dug out an old novel she had been working on for years. That novel was accepted for publication by Harper Collins… and Karyn was offered four-book contract.  Since then, she has written more than 20 other books, a play performed off-Broadway, several television pilots (two of which have placed in major competitions) and a screenplay, THE REVISIONIST, which was an Austin Film Festival second rounder, an an Athena Lab Finalist.

She is married and has two daughters and is one of those lucky people for whom her work is her hobby and her hobby is her work.

She is also a HUGE fan of disaster movies (from 1971’s The Poseidon Adventure to last year’s San Andreas)  and loves to write about survival under extreme conditions.

Her hobbies include kickboxing, making goofy faces and playing with her cat, George.

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