Here comes another one…

Here comes another one…

This is the book I’m working on now. Don’t have a release date for you yet, but here’s the blurb and the cover!

Zeni Everly is an African American woman obsessed with Victorian novels. The romantic happy endings gave her comfort during a difficult childhood, and now, as a PhD candidate, Zeni is advancing new interpretations of her beloved novels. Her adviser, the handsome and stern Dr. Allen Braithwaite won’t approve her topic—he doubts her theories about women of color in the 19th century aristocracy– but Zeni is undaunted. Becoming “Dr. Everly” is the only title she wants—until a research trip to a crumbling British castle puts another possibility in her path.

Sophisticated and handsome, Lord Layton Charles Fairfax, Duke of Rochester, is very much a modern Englishman. A talented painter with a growing career in digital art, Lafe could care less about his title and the crumbling old family hall that holds a painful history he’d rather forget.  Still, he’s intrigued by this sexy, smart American woman and her unlikely ideas.  It can’t hurt to let her dig around the moldy old estate before he puts the place up for sale, can it? 

But the ancient bricks of Thornfield Hall hold life-changing secrets that neither Lafe nor Zeni could have imagined—including the age old power of love.

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