My Publications

My Publications




Don’t Bring Home a White Boy: A scholarly exploration of why black women resist interracial relationships.




Cover Letters They Don’t Forget: The hook, line and sinker technique for selling yourself to a potential employer.




Pretty Ugly: A high school cheerleader at an urban school confronts bullying.





Street Level:
An Urban Fairytale: A woman recently released from jail hides out from a drug lord with a strange millionaire.




Diary of an Ugly Duckling
A black woman undergoes skin lightening to attract the man she loves.





Breaking Point: A family struggles to stay together after being evicted.



A Personal Matter: A black paralegal who distrusts white people finds herself attracted to a white lawyer at her firm.





Unfinished Business: A conservative white Senator falls for a black activist.



Ashes, Ashes: A six book series tracking a multiracial band of kids as they struggle to survive an apocalyptic disaster. The first two books are available on The others are available on Amazon.



He’s an astronaut, she’s an astrologer. Love is written in the stars. (Coming June 2021).


A ballerina on the run from a powerful mobster finds shelter with a reclusive billionaire.