New Digs- Office Pics!

New Digs- Office Pics!

Finally, after fifteen years of writing professionally, I have designated a space in my home just for writing. In other words, no more kitchen table, family room, desk in the bedroom. I’ve graduated. I have an office!

It’s in the basement, far from the noises of the rest of my house. No dishwasher or laundry distractions. And it’s a long walk to the refrigerator, which is also a good thing!

Here are a few photos:

I’ve arranged it with things I love and done my best to honor  the most critical elements of feng shui. There’s a trickling water fountain on my east wall– so that inspiration will never run dry! The yellow roses are my favorite (they’re also fake) and I use a sun lamp to fight the “winter blues” while I’m working– that’s the glow you see. I love good smells, so there are usually candles burning, And yes, those are tarot cards. I find the images to be incredibly useful in breaking writers’ blocks and in identifying story archetypes. That’s a blog all by itself– I’ll do that another day.

It’s not quite finished– I’ve ordered a bookshelf and another chair and it needs some of the fabulous original photographs of my friend Cathy Alba. But it has one thing none of my other work spaces had:

A door. That I close. Which means, I’m working. #amwriting

I guess that makes this writing thing a real job now!


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