An Original Feature  
After her son’s inexplicable suicide, a novelist is presented with the extraordinary opportunity: the chance to re-write time to save him.

*Talent and money are attached to this script to bring it to the big screen in 2019. To stay tuned, check out and follow along on social media!



An Original TV Pilot 

A young black mother discovers a city under Manhattan whose inhabits believe it is still 1890—and that she is the Gifted One come to release them from a terrible curse.

Selected for inclusion in Women in Film and Video of Washington Spotlight on Screenwriters Program; Semifinalist, Page International Screenwriting Awards; Semifinalist, Slamdance Original TV Pilot Competition.


An Original TV Pilot 

A home-schooled teenager wants nothing more than to escape the tension of his home life by going to high school and fitting in, where he befriends a distressed – but cagey – classmate; but when the bomb drops, leveling every bit civilization around them, his family’s survivalist background becomes an asset, and he, his classmate and his sister must forge a ragtag group of friends and enemies into a new family, and begin an impossible journey to safety.




An Original TV Pilot 

When he realizes every woman he’s slept with hasn’t aged, a man concludes he is the fountain of youth, and embarks on a wild adventure first to profit from—and ultimately to reverse—his amazing power.



An Original TV Pilot

After the deliberate destruction of all the world’s devices in a “Techno-Pocalypse,” humanity is thrown back into the Dark Ages until a young woman discovers a critical component of “artificial intelligence” and is catapulted into a war between those who want to revive technology and those who never want it released on humanity again.


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