You Can (technically) Make a Movie in 48 Hours

You Can (technically) Make a Movie in 48 Hours

Two weeks ago several of my screenwriting friends and I participated in the 48 hour film project. #48HFP!

Here’s how it works: on designated weekends in cities all around the world, filmmakers gather together a team of writers, actors, gaffers, camera and sound operators to make a short film, between four and seven minutes in length. The project begins on a Friday evening when each team sends a representative to pull from a random drawing:

  1. A choice of two genres—or a mashup of those two genres, if you’re feeling ambitious
  2. A character name
  3. An occupation
  4. A line of dialogue
  5. A prop

The project ends on Sunday at 5pm when each team must submit its finished film back to the local headquarters. Films are screened at an event a couple of weeks later, and the ones that get the most votes advance to the next round.

Our team drew:

  1. Silent/sports movie
  2. Tina
  3. Chef
  4. “Why does everything always happen to me?”
  5. A spoon 

I admit when we realized we’d drawn silent/sports as a our genre choice there was a moment of panic. This group of non-sports fans contemplated just how we could tell a compelling sports story in five minutes. Similarly, telling a story without dialogue caused some initial trepidation, too. But ultimately, a concept emerged that blended the dialogue cards of silent film and the sports motif, too. Then our director Robin Noonan Price and producer Jane Barbara, and all of the cast and crew, got to work. The final project is “Eggs-treme” which premiered Saturday, May 19 at the AFI Theater in Silver Spring, Maryland.

If the 48 Hour Film Project competes in your city, I highly recommend it. It’s a great way to test your skills and have a lot of fun!

Here’s me on the end, working out the script with the other writers– and the promotional poster we proudly waved at the screening!

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